photocopy machine

Xerox Machines To Make Your Work Easy

If you want to make your life easy with various technologies which can make your work easy and save your time then there are many companies in Baltimore from which you can get the technical equipments. They provide high quality printers and photocopy machines at affordable rates. If you are looking for printers and copiers in Baltimore for your home or office use then you can find many options for it.

photocopy machine

Types of copiers used for office

Color Xerox: this type of photocopy machine gives colored printouts. This is more suitable for business purpose. It generally has toner cartridges or four drums which have four selective colors such as yellow, cyan, black and magenta. These four colors are unique and by mixing these colors all colors are developed.

Mono Xerox: this machine provides single color printout. Capacity of these machines is more than other machines. It can print approximately 100 pages per minute. It is available in different sizes so depending upon your printing need, you can choose the right one.

Multifunctional photocopiers: This type of machine is used for the multipurpose works. This Xerox machine performs tasks like copying, printing, faxing or scanning. It is more useful in the office. Presently, such types of machines are available in updated form. You can connect this machine to your commercial network to transfer files from one location to other. This machine can also be connected with portable devices.

Desktop Xerox: this type of copier machine is used for printing on small sized papers like A4 etc. The size of this type of Xerox machine is small so it is easy to handle. This Xerox is especially designed for desktop use.